Training-by-Eos was set up by ex-ICAEW Case Study Senior Examiner Neil Russell and former ICAEW Deputy Assessment Manager Sarah Alcock in 2010.

For over 10 years they provided high quality Case Study exam tuition, both in the classroom and online. Training-by-Eos worked with over 5,000 students across 42 countries and achieved pass rates that were consistently and significantly higher than the ICAEW equivalent.

2022 and beyond

From December 2021, Training-by-Eos will no longer operate as a Case Study tuition provider.

Neil, Sarah and the rest of the Training-by-Eos team would like to thank every one of their alumni, markers, exam writers and tuition partners who made running Training-by-Eos such an enjoyable experience for so long.  

What now?

We recommend that students wishing to prepare for the Case Study exam in 2022 and beyond contact First Intuition. The Training-by-Eos team have worked closely with First Intuition for many years and have been consistently impressed by their knowledge and dedication to student success.

Neil Russell

Neil is taking early retirement. He is looking forward to spending more time with his family and his dog Issy, as well as travelling and visiting friends. He may be tempted to do some limited work with Sarah and First Intuition as a consultant!


Sarah Alcock

Sarah started her PhD studies with The Open University in autumn 2021. She is researching the impact of Learning Analytics on study success for student accountants and will be working with First Intuition on their Case Study mock exams and online courses.


Nicola Case

Nic’s customer service, design, social media, marketing and SEO skills will not go to waste; she will continue to support small businesses with her team through her expanding Pink Spaghetti enterprise.


Jennifer Herbert

Jen runs her Virtual Assistant business Jen Organises Things and will continue to offer administration, social media and customer service expertise to business owners who want to free up their time.


With thanks

Once again, we would like to thank every ICAEW Case Study student who has attended a Training-by-Eos tuition programme, signed up to our blog or purchased our exam material. Our 100% satisfaction rating remains the statistic we are proudest of, and it was a pleasure to play a small role at the start of your career as a Charted Accountant.

In your words – testimonials

“Good news for me thankfully with 56%. Feeling over the moon with the news. I would like to send my sincere thanks to Neil and team for their guidance and support during the course, and keeping me focussed and disciplined throughout, in order to achieve this desired result.”

Matthew, July 2021

“I passed! The exam is finally over! I am really grateful to take Eos course to prepare for my Case Study exam. I feel it was slightly different from the previous course (Beal) in that it was more tailored to each student’s questions. In a nicest possible way, I am so glad that I am not going to see you guys again! Bazillion thanks!!”

Sophie, July 2021

“I passed, and I’m so happy it is finally out of the way. That was my 5th attempt I think… Phew. I kept backing another tuition provider, but it never worked out obviously! I just wanted to say a general thank you for the high quality of your course, I wouldn’t have passed without it! I also want to thank the team for the help with the special consideration application.  I am not sure if it was required/used, or how I can tell, but to be honest I don’t care! I’m just glad I don’t need to study anymore!

Ben, July 2021

“I am very happy to announce that I have passed my Case Study exams this Nov 2020 sitting and I would like to thank Mr Neil and the team on the great work and materials provided to me.

Yusuf, November 2020

“I purchased the BEAL exam resources and they were hugely helpful, I found out today that I passed Case Study and Qualified today.”

Sarah, November 2020

“Thanks for all your support again! As I said before, had you not been accessible via phone call, I would not have purchased the EOS course so I am grateful for that.”

Dominic, November 2020

“I am glad to let you know that I passed. Thanks a lot for your help and support. Your exam materials of Mastering Case Study, AI Analysis and Mock Exams have been very very helpful. Those materials you have are spot on as to what is EXACTLY needed for passing Case Study exam.”

Venkata, August 2020

“After a long period of fear, hope and a roller coaster of mixed feelings and emotions, I got my result today with a congratulations message, the most beautiful thing I saw today!! I was really unsure if I could pass, and I had already started reading for the November attempt. My paper didn’t go too well since I took 2 hours on Requirement 1 and I had just 47 minutes left when I started Requirement 3. But I still held on my nerves, used the shortcut techniques prescribed by Neil and here we are, nailing it! Thanks to the whole EOS team for the constant support.”

Maaz, August 2020

“I have recommended Case by EOS to 3 people sitting in November as it is the best case tuition provider. Nothing but praise for the work and effort put in.”

Amjad, August 2020

“I just want to let you know that I passed. Thank you so much for the course and your support, the mocks were amazing and I actually ended up using the bailout strategy timings on requirement 3. Ended up with 63!” 

Ed, November 2019

“I passed with 63%! I couldn’t have done it without EOS! Thank you so much 🙂  I’m so grateful to Neil and the team. Fortunately, a colleague who had previously failed Case and then passed the resit July using the EOS course recommended it to me. Neil’s exam technique advice and mock exams were invaluable!

Stephanie, November 2019 

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your support and help throughout the course, you helped get my score from 44 to 60 and I couldn’t be happier! I know that this definitely wouldn’t have been the case if I hadn’t come to your course, so I really appreciate it.”

Eleanor, November 2019

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for all of your help with my Case Study resit. It’s such a relief to have passed this time and I’m so grateful for all of the support throughout the course. I will definitely be recommending Training by Eos!

Emily, July 2019

“Using Neil’s notes and guidance on technique for R1 I was able to ensure I did enough to pass the exam. The road to completing my ACA had not been easy but the guidance from Neil and the team at EOS helped me to understand my strengths and perfect a technique to the exam to see me over the finish line.”

Rebecca, 2018


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